Three Shelties

Adult Dog Training Package

This program is designed for dogs that are 12+ months in order to strengthen specific behaviors and develop new skills. The Adult Dog Training Package aims to improve your dog's focus, responsiveness, and consistency with respect to selected behaviors. During these sessions, we will use science-backed, force-free, positive reinforcement methods. All lessons are customized for you and your dog. Lessons will be held at your home and/or in outdoor settings.

We will focus on one or two behaviors / skills in each package

Example of Behaviors/Skills:

Loose-leash walking

Coming when called

Sit, Down, Stay

Settle / Go to your bed

Leave it / Drop it

Sit Pretty, Rollover, Bow, Fetch, etc

Adding distractions

Real-world practice

3 (50 min) sessions focusing on mastering one or two skills