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Dog gamboling in the snow

All Dogs
Good Manners

"After just a few sessions, heeling had improved dramatically and we’d mastered sit and down. Knowledgeable, calm, direct, Sophie taught us basic behaviors with only positive reinforcement" - Joanne, Ruby's Human 

This program is for puppies ages 4 - 12 months that are ready to learn how to be well-mannered dogs in all settings. All Dogs Program is focused on improving your puppy's focus, responsiveness, and consistency. Now that your puppy is past their socialization phase, this is where training can be kicked into high gear. Each stage of puppyhood has its unique challenges (and pleasures!). I can help tailor your training plan to address the behaviors you want to work on as well as the methods that will work best depending on your dog's age. Positive reinforcement is always used and never punishment methods. It is important to keep building your dog's confidence while also implementing and maintaining important boundaries.

Option A: Basic Training

Package of 6 lessons 

This is the option for you if you want to do the majority of training with your dog. I will come to your house and train you to train your dog. Lessons can be weekly or every other week. We will use positive reinforcement methods to train new behaviors. It will be your job to then strengthen these behaviors on your own time in different environments following the guidelines I will give you. 


Option B: Training Intensive
Let me do the work for you! 

This is the option for you if you just don't have the time or feel as though you need someone with the experience to do the bulk of the training. I will come to your house to work with JUST your dog 3x / a week and then do a transfer session with you once a week for three weeks to help you maintain the new behavior and answer any questions you have. Training sessions will focus on 1 - 3 requested behaviors. They can also include a potty break if requested.


Topics Can Include:

Sit, down, stay, come, wait, leave it, drop it, settle, etc

Adding distractions

Real world practice

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