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Light Akita

During a lunchtime training session, the trainer takes your puppy for an hour to continue the work you've been doing together in lessons. This can be a good option for dog owners who are unable to do all the training themselves due to busy schedules. Here is a summary of what this type of training program involves:

  1. Customized training plan: Based on the premier puppy curriculum, the trainer will create a customized training plan tailored to the specific needs of the puppy.

  2. One-on-one training: The trainer will work with the puppy one-on-one for an hour at your home or in various public locations, focusing on the specific skills and behaviors outlined in the training plan.

  3. Positive reinforcement: The trainer will use positive reinforcement techniques only and make sure your puppy is feeling safe and confident.

  4. Progress monitoring: The trainer will monitor the puppy's progress and adjust the training plan as needed to ensure continued success.

  5. Report card: After each session, the trainer will provide the owner with feedback on the puppy's progress and will include a video or photo from that day's session.


Overall, a training program where the trainer takes the puppy for an hour in the middle of the day can be a helpful way for dog owners to ensure that their puppies receive the training they need to become well-behaved and socialized dogs.

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