Image by Justin Veenema


"Keira used to not be able to walk past another dog without reacting and now she can approach, sniff, and even wags her tail, and it’s all thanks to Sophie’s help!" - Natalia and Sean, Keira's humans

"I love the way Sophie is able to break down complicated behavior principles into everyday examples and strategies" - Jean, Julius and Caesar's human

Having a dog with some behavioral issues can be difficult and even embarrassing! I'm here to help you get to the root of these issues. Rather than a one method fits all approach, we will conduct an initial consult where based on the info gathered, I will create a customized plan including enrichment recommendations, wellness recommendations, management strategies, and teaching new behaviors with techniques such as desensitization, counter-conditioning, pairing, de-escalating techniques, etc.

Possible Behavioral Problems:

Aggression towards other animals or people

Compulsive disorders (excessive licking, pacing, etc)

Leash Reactivity

Separation anxiety

Destruction of property

Excessive barking

Resource guarding

Initial Consult/Assessment: $200 

 During the initial consult, we will discuss the dog's behavior and training history as well as either observe the dog's behavior and do some behavioral assessments as well. After the consultation is over, I will analyze any data collected and create a written assessment including training recommendations. During the session, we will discuss what Training Package makes the most sense. 

Option A: Basic Training Package ($900) 

Package of 6 lessons spread out over 3 months 

This is the option for you if you want to do the majority of training with your dog. I will come to your house and train you to train your dog. Based on the assessment, we will focus on the training plan during our lessons to achieve your set goals. Includes advice through email for 3 months after your start date

Option B: Training Intensive* ($1800)

Let me do the work for you!

This is the option for you if you just don't have the time or feel as though you need someone with the experience to do the bulk of the training. I will come to your house to work with JUST your dog 3x / a week for an hour each session and then do a transfer session with you once a week for 3 weeks to help you maintain the new behaviors. Includes advice through email for 3 months after your start date

*(not available for separation anxiety or human aggression cases)