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Dog with Red Sweater

Loose Leash Walking Intensive

It gave me confidence that the lessons I would have with Sophie would be based on real - world scenarios and not just inside in a highly controlled environment that would not match my day-to-day - David, Theo's human 

Do you feel as though your dog is practically perfect except you just can't get their walking under control? Or maybe you've been to training and have an idea of what to do but don't have the patience to follow through. Let me do the hard work for you! Using positive reinforcement methods and clicker training, I will teach your dog to walk calmly in the setting that you would prefer whether that be your neighborhood or the town center.


I will come to your house to work with JUST your dog 3x / a week for 45 minute sessions and then do a transfer session with you once a week for an hour for 3 weeks to help you maintain the new loose leash walking behaviors. Includes advice through email for 3 months after your start date

*This package is only for sociable dogs. If your dog is human or dog-reactive please look into a behavioral training package.