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Dash, Lisa and Josh, owners to Pippa (Cobberdog)

During our online training sessions, Sophie gave us excellent help in training our puppy Pippa.  She is thoughtful, capable, and a great communicator with both humans and canines.  We would absolutely recommend her skills as a dog trainer.

Matt and Lynn, owners to Clover (Duck Tolling Retriever)

We are so grateful to have found Sophie shortly after bringing home our new puppy, Clover.  Having done our research (including the infamous “Top 10 Reasons NOT to Get a Toller”) we knew we were going to have our share of challenges. 

Sophie’s ability to gently transform the zoomies into productive training time is simply astounding.  Clover bonded with Sophie from the very first “sit.”  She is professional, patient, knowledgeable, and gave useful feedback every step of the way.  Clover is doing exceptionally well and we couldn't be happier as puppy parents.  Thank you!

Sara and David, owners to Sugar (Bloodhound/Lab mix)

Our newest rescue,  a hound mix we call Sugar, lived 8 months in a pack with her sibs, is very people-shy, and was not at all acquainted with a leash. She spent her first week with us hiding in an overgrown shrub.
With Sophie’s help, Sugar will now accompany us on walks, snuggle on the couch (our choice!), and eat with gusto at mealtime without being hand fed. Sugar is not treat-motivated, which knocks out the obvious training strategies. Sophie’s patience and ingenuity are remarkable! Together, we are working on simple commands, and making consistent progress with our very shy girl.
I’d also note that our last dog was a 70+ lb pit-bull mix with a serious seizure disorder. Sophie loved that big guy, and was not intimidated by his size, his overwhelming displays of affection, or his medical needs. Sophie had no trouble working with Benny. He sensed that she was in charge, and that soothed him.

Dean and Jean, owners to Julius & Caesar (Goldendoodles)

I want to write to tell you how grateful I am for Sophie's Puppy obedience course 1 & 2. Her course was what I knew I wanted and what I didn't know I needed: informative, practical, compassionate approach, supportive, kind, low-stress, fun, and MOST of all very successful.
Sophie welcomed us and our 2 Golden doodles for a visit and then to the class, always taking care that the “Boys” and the other dogs were safe and having fun. She helped us communicate better and by the end of the class not only had we learned basic commands but how much Julius & Caesar had improved. More compliments on both Julius & Caesar’s behavior from family, friends and strangers than you can imagine!
I love the way Sophie is able to break down complicated behavior principles into everyday examples and strategies. She was always available to answer any of our questions whether during class or outside of class.
Sophie coaches her “human students” to be more successful dog caregivers and clearly love watching people and dogs learn together. She has truly given Julius & Caesar and my husband & I a strong, healthy, happy foundation. 
Thank you sincerely.

Lauren, owner to Elli (Weimaraner)

Sophie worked with us to train our highly spirited (and very naughty) Weimaraner puppy, Elli, from Puppy 1 through her canine good citizen class. Elli posed some unique challenges from issues with housebreaking to poor behavior walking on a leash. Sophie met these challenges with creative solutions, authority, and more patience than we thought possible. Now when we go on family walks and adventures, we can just focus on having fun!

Anneka and Brian, owners to Oskar (Mini Australian Labradoodle)

Our 2 month old Australian Labradoode, Oskar, took Sophie’s puppy class (1 hour/week) & we couldn’t be happier with the experience & the outcome. Oskar picked up all of the basic commands in class & through Sophie’s specific homework. After he got the hang of the basics, she would give us tips and tricks for more advanced training. She also gave us great advice on how to master potty training. Sophie is a wealth of knowledge & is very consistent in her training strategies, I would highly recommend working with her!

Maria, owner to Jerry (Bernese Mountain Dog)

I have had Sophie Oldsman as a group trainer and one on one. I believe Sophie is a magician: she turned my silly, crazy puppy into an obedient young dog. I can walk him unleashed anywhere, and he follows my orders very well. After each class, I saw the improvement in my energetic and happy young Bernese. I highly recommend Sophie for any kind of dog training.

Joanne, owner to Ruby (Terrier Mix)

I rescued a 20 pound terrier mix reported to be 2 years old, but when she arrived she was more like a 7 or 8 month old. I inherited a handful. I had a jumper and a chewer on my hands. My neighbor who works at a local pet store had been raving about the trainer there.  That trainer was Sophie and she was terrific.  Somewhat desperate, I signed up for a beginner class, found it so helpful that I continued with a second adult class. After just a few sessions, heeling had improved dramatically and we’d mastered sit and down. Knowledgeable, calm, direct, Sophie taught us basic commands with only positive reinforcement. 


Then later when Sophie went out on her own, she met with a friend and me at our homes. She tailored the class to our needs. Sophie is approachable, warm-hearted, and just great at what she does.  All her techniques are clear, manageable, and effective.  And my dog adores her!

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