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Pre-Adoption ConsulTATION

Which dog is right for me?($160) 

This hour-long consultation helps people choose an appropriate dog to bring home. Here is a summary of what this type of consultation might involve:

  1. Understanding dog behavior: Provides information on dog behavior, including the different breeds, their temperament, and common behavioral traits.

  2. Lifestyle analysis: Assesses the lifestyle of the person looking to adopt a dog to help determine which dog breed or individual dog might be a good fit. 

  3. Analyzing behavior: Observes the behavior of potential dogs, looking for signs of aggression, fearfulness, or anxiety. They can also provide guidance on how to interact with the dog and what to look for during the meeting.

This session can be virtual or at your home

How to prepare for your new dog ($160) 

This hour-long consultation can be a valuable resource for those who are getting ready to bring a new puppy or dog home. Here is a summary of what this consultation might involve:

  1. Preparing the home: The consultant can provide advice on how to puppy-proof the home.

  2. Choosing the right supplies: The consultant can provide guidance on the best supplies to purchase for the new dog.

  3. House training: The consultant can provide advice on the best ways to house train your new dog, including tips on establishing a routine, teaching the dog where to go to the bathroom, and preventing accidents.

  4. Introductions: The consultant can provide basic advice and tips on how to introduce the dog to new experiences and environments or people and other pets.

This session can be virtual or at your home

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