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Training Options

Two dogs

Pre-Adoption Consultation

Not sure what dog to adopt OR how to introduce your new dog to the family? This is the consultation for you.

Image by Alvan Nee

Puppy Program I:
Premier Puppy Program

The puppy program is appropriate for new puppies ages 8 weeks to 12 weeks! We focus on establishing a foundation to set your puppy up to be a confident adult dog. 

Cute  Beaglier
Wet dog in water

Behavior analysis and training

Not sure how to handle one of your dog's behaviors? This program is for you.

Separation Anxiety Program

Feeling trapped in your own house? Click below to start working toward your freedom.

A Puppy in Bed

Day Training Membership

Don't have enough time to train your dog as much as your want? Do you feel bad about how much time your dog spends alone? Sign up for day training!

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