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Loose Leash Walking Clinic

It gave me confidence that the lessons I had with Sophie were based on real - world scenarios and not just inside in a highly controlled environment  - David (Theo's human) 

Are stress-free walks for you and your furry companion something you yearn for? Do you find yourself admiring your friends as they stroll serenely alongside their well-behaved dogs?

Introducing the Loose Leash Walking Clinic – a nurturing and comprehensive program dedicated to the wellness of both dogs and their devoted owners. Spearheaded by the founder of Fresh Start Canine Behavior, this clinic revolves around cultivating a profound connection between dogs and their human companions. Through the adept use of positive reinforcement and force-free techniques, the clinic aims to refine leash manners and encourage desirable behaviors.

Diverging from the conventional indoor class format, these engaging sessions are conducted outdoors, simulating real-life conditions. After all, mastering the art of loose leash walking is about being on streets, parks, and trails.

Throughout this clinic, you'll gain invaluable insights into:

  1. The significance of walks and how to extract maximum benefits.

  2. Enhanced communication strategies to bridge the human-canine gap.

  3. Effective leash handling skills for a smoother experience.

  4. Techniques for managing distractions and maintaining focus.

  5. Engaging pattern games that boost attention and encourage proper heeling.


Elevate your dog walking experience with the Loose Leash Walking Clinic, and pave the way for a more harmonious and enjoyable journey for both you and your cherished four-legged friend.

LOOSE LEASH WALKING Clinic Level 1 ($280)

This program is limited to a maximum of 5 teams (dog and human).

This program includes:

  • An hour-long virtual preparatory group class

  • Three 50 min group lessons in an outdoor location

  • Weekly homework

  • A 30 min private virtual follow-up within a month of the completion of the group lessons

Dates and Time: TBD

Location: Lexington or Arlington (Exact location TBD)

Prerequisites: None. Dogs must be a minimum of 5 months and fully vaccinated. 

Please note, this package is only for sociable dogs. If your dog is human or dog-reactive please look into a behavioral training package.

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