A Puppy Playing with a Toy

Puppy Program I: Foundations

"Sophie’s ability to gently transform the zoomies into productive training time is simply astounding" - Matt, Clover's Human

The puppy program is appropriate for new puppies ages 8 to 12 weeks! We focus on establishing a foundation to set your puppy up to be a confident adult dog. 

Many people don't know that the puppy socialization period occurs primarily before the puppy reaches 16 weeks. It is easy to accidentally reinforce unwanted behaviors, and that is why it is important to socialize your puppy and reinforce good behaviors as early as possible!

By using positive reinforcement methods, housetraining doesn't need to be a nightmare, biting can be managed, and your puppy can develop confidence in novel settings. 

Topics covered:



Crate Training

Basic Puppy Manners


Option A: Basic Puppy Training ($900)
I train you!

This is a package of 6 weekly lessons. This is the option for you if you want to do the majority of training with your dog. I will come to your house and train you to train your dog. After discussing what your idea of a "perfect" dog is, I can customize your lessons so we are working towards that long-term goal while still going over basic behaviors that your puppy must learn. 

Option B: Puppy Socialization Intensive ($1800)
I train your dog!

This is the option for you if your plate is overflowing just a bit. I will come to your house to work with JUST your dog 3x / a week for an hour each session and then do a transfer session with you 1x / a week for an hour each session for 3 weeks to help you maintain the new behavior and answer any questions you have. Training sessions will focus on socialization and basic puppy manners. This involves going on field trips to places like the park and cafes where they can learn proper manners involving saying hi to various people and being calm in new settings. They can also include a potty break if requested.

Both packages include a Welcome Packet including common puppy behavior advice and a recommended products list. You will also get advice through email for 3 months after your start date.