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French bulldog puppy lying on the floor looking at a lab-top isolated on a white backgroun

Virtual Puppy Academy
(group class)

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"Sophie’s ability to gently transform the zoomies into productive training time is simply astounding" - Matt (Clover's human)

With the Virtual Puppy Academy, housetraining doesn't need to be a nightmare, biting can be managed, and your puppy can develop the confidence they need. Best for puppies 8 weeks - 16 weeks.

Why the Virtual Puppy Academy?​

Positive Reinforcement, Force Free and Fear-Free methods

Numerous studies over the past 50+ years have clearly shown that positive reinforcement is THE way to raise a happy and healthy pup. I personally believe in force free and fear free methods which means throughout our time together, we will make sure your puppy is always comfortable.

Learn through Play

Through fun and engaging activities, such as playtime, obstacle courses, and interactive games, puppies are exposed to different sights, sounds, and sensations that help them develop confidence and social skills. Using pattern games, we also teach the puppy to start focusing on YOU regardless of the environment. We want you to be the source of good things.

Add Distractions Slowly

There are so many reasons I wanted to create this program. The main reason is that I have seen and taught many puppy classes for different companies over the years and I have seen the pitfalls of group puppy classes. It is so important to slowly build up distractions in your puppy training rather than throwing them in the deep end and set them up for failure. 

Socialize the Right Way

The puppy program places a strong emphasis on socialization, recognizing that this critical period. I've designed the program to help puppies develop the confidence and social skills they need to become well-adjusted and happy adult dogs. There are many things you can do to help socialize your puppy all from your home and well-thought-out practice locations.

Personalized Attention

During the class you will have live practice time where I will be able to give you feedback. In addition, you will have the opportunity to send in videos of yourself practicing with your pup to me each week. I will send you back a voiceover with more detailed feedback so you can continue practicing and improving outside of class.

Lower Cost

While it would be great for everyone to be able to do private lessons, it is not always possible. With this course, you still get personal feedback and time to ask questions each week. All the information I give to my private clients, you will get as well just in a group format. 

What will we learn?​

Owner Education

  • Normal Puppy Behavior

    • We will go over all the normal puppy behaviors and how to deal with them. This includes housetraining, crate training (if desired), chewing, biting, etc

  • Communication

    • You might be surprised to know that the majority of dog owners don't understand canine body language. Communication is not one sided. We must be able to read their body language as much as they need to understand what we are asking of them.

  • Socialization

    • There is a lot of misconceptions about socialization. It is not about the quanitity of dogs and people your puppy meets, but instead it is the quality of new interactions and how you interact together. ​We will discuss how to socialize safely while your puppy is not yet fully vaccinated.

Puppy Education​​

  • Common behaviors we work on:

    • Name

    • Sit​

    • Down

    • Settle / Mat Training

    • Drop it and Leave it

    • Walking on Leash

    • Pattern Games


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What is included?

Weekly zoom lessons for seven weeks
Introductory info packet
Access to Google Drive with video training library 
Weekly homework and video review
Weekly enrichment ideas to do at home

Optional office hours

Emotional support from me and fellow puppy owners!

Interested in In-Person Private Lessons. Click HERE to find out more

What happens during lessons?

Each group class is 60 minutes over zoom. Classes will consist of a homework review, a lecture and demonstration, practice time with feedback, and time for questions at the end. 
During weekly office hours, people have time to ask questions that need more personalized attention and problem-solve any difficulties they are having with their puppy.

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